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hero throws item when button is pressed

Im trying to make it to where when i press a button my hero throws out an item. I can get the button pressed and spawn to work but I want it to look like my hero throws it instead of it spawning.


  • ThoPelThoPel GermanyPosts: 184Member, PRO
    edited July 2015

    e.g. your actor shoots an arrow with a bow

    FIRST start bow stretch animation (animation not looping)
    AFTER THAT start release bowstring animation (animation not looping)
    PARALLEL spawn arrow in back of actor.

    The rest is some fine tuning :)

    Btw: Stretching and releasing the bowstring could also be one animation. It depends on whether you distinguish touch pressed and touch released.

  • derka6391derka6391 Posts: 31Member

    what do you mean by bow or bowstring?

  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Posts: 956Member

    Spawn the item behind the player. Adjust the spawn position to match the player's hand. Tell the item,

    For 1 second accelerate up

    After 1 second accelerate down. Run to completion.

  • derka6391derka6391 Posts: 31Member

    got it! thank you!

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