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So Previously I had said that
'' So, I want a Object to each time when my game starts to stay in the same place when it starts, Currently sometimes it glitches the app when i play it''
Many people Didn't understand what I meant , and for those in doubt English Is My first Language :D
So To make it simple, I am Going To add two videos And show what happens.
** In the First Video It works fine , In the Second It Moves by the Y axis, The glitch is Showing that during the game the Player Revolving The Big Black Circle '' Planet Hop''** , Has Moved Up By the Y axis.
Here Is the Video Link:
Try link One Or Two There the same Video :smiley:

If you feel You dont understand what I'm Going on about here, Please Ask?
And if You want to see The app in action Check out :


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    Please don't double post. Next time just add this to the your thread.


    It seems to me that the player jumps when the scene starts. Make sure you reset the jump attribute.

    If the actor does not have a jump attribute you want to make sure you reset the distance when the game starts. If the player jumps and dies it will save that distance value. When the game starts up the value will be set to it's last position. If you reset the distance value it should resolve the issue.

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