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No music in published Android game

goflamingogoflamingo Posts: 7Member, PRO

Hi! I attached the Play Music behavior to an actor on the very first scene of my game. In preview it play fine throughout all levels but in the published game from Google Play there seems to be no music at all. Did I miss a step or could it be a bug issue? Thanks in advance!


  • tintrantintran Posts: 453Member

    I had the same issue. So i converted the song from .mp3 to .wav and let GS converted it to .ogg and played it as sound instead of music.

  • goflamingogoflamingo Posts: 7Member, PRO

    Thanks @tintran. Does GS do that automatically when publishing? Also, is there a significant difference in size/quality of an .ogg music file? I might give your solution a go - unless there are any other suggestions?

  • tintrantintran Posts: 453Member

    when you add the .wav file GS automatically converts it to .ogg.
    From my mp3 .ogg file is a little smaller.
    I read on the internet that .ogg sounds better than mp3 but mp3 is more common among music players, but i don't see how an .ogg can sound better than an mp3 being the mp3 is the source.
    If you converted from an original .wav, i can see how .ogg might sound better than mp3.

  • goflamingogoflamingo Posts: 7Member, PRO

    Thank you kindly @tintran. I will give it a go!

  • goflamingogoflamingo Posts: 7Member, PRO

    Just thought I'd provide an update on my success & what I did differently. Previously, I had dragged an m4a music file into GS Sounds tab. Decided I'd give the m4a file another go but this time I clicked on the "+" in the Sounds tab instead of dragging. Seems to have done the trick because now the music is playing as it should in the device game.

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