Looking for animator/graphic designer (PAID)

Hi all,

I am in need of a character design. I believe it will only be one character I need, but it will need to the character doing multiple different actions (probably around 50 or so in total). I am looking for a very specific design style which I can best describe as a mix between Spriteattack's design and Jason Nester's design which you can see by simply searching there names in the forum. Both of these graphic designers have been reached out to, but if anyone believes they can do a similar style and might be more readily available for work, (my understanding is that they are both pretty busy), don't hesitate to reach out.

Not entirely sure what you all think this should cost to do, but am open to hearing your thoughts.

If you have more time to talk about this, I am available on Skype at Maxpbeaumont. Otherwise my email is maxwellperrybeaumont@gmail.com.


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