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Blocking/restricting unspported devices on App Store

Is there any workaround for preventing users with specific devices from downloading an app?

I've seen several apps on the app store that write devices requirements in their description to help with this (e.g. "iPhone 5 and higher required") but unfortunately many users don't read and end up leaving bad reviews for the poor performance, and iOS requirements isn't enough to prevent this either. I really wish there was a simple solution to this.


  • ThoPelThoPel GermanyPosts: 184Member, PRO

    Not really. Most people didn't read the whole description :)

    You could implement a small check which shows an advice, if ihe device is a iPhone4 or iPad2
    @Armelline has a demo which differs the devices --> Swipe Factory

  • supafly129supafly129 Posts: 453Member, PRO
    edited July 2015

    Thanks @ThoPel ! Seems like the link is missing. Do you happen to have this still @Armelline ?

  • ThoPelThoPel GermanyPosts: 184Member, PRO
    edited July 2015

    You find it attached.

    UPDATE 10:13AM: I removed the download from this post, because I didn't want to spam the forum and it was the wrong example.

  • supafly129supafly129 Posts: 453Member, PRO

    @ThoPel thx! it doesn't seem to detect your device though, it seems to only let you choose the device you want. Is there something I'm missing?

    Also, do you think apple would reject my app if I had a notification for users on older devices that basically popped up and said "this device is not supported, please request a refund via itunes" etc.? I'm debating either that or asking the user to verify their device in a popup before playing.

  • ThoPelThoPel GermanyPosts: 184Member, PRO
    edited July 2015

    @supafly129 Damn it!

    I've got an example that recognizes device from the screen height / width - I thought that was "The swipe factory" example. I will search in my download archive.

    @supafly129 said:
    this device is not supported, please request a refund via itunes.

    That is a really good question - I have no idea. Maybe you should take a more generally wording. :) Or you could offer a free app, show the advice and unlock all features with an IAP.

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