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Starting work on a new game Penguin Power

jamie_cjamie_c ImagineLabs.rocksPosts: 5,539Member

I've started working on a 'new' game and posted some animation tests for my walk cycle and three idle animations (blink, foot tap, and angry squint). I put new in quotes for two reasons, because this is actually a new take on the first game I began creating with Gamesalad about three years ago. Of course at the time I didn't have the knowledge I needed to make the game the way I wanted too so it was shelved while I spent time learning Gamesalad. Now it's best if I start over for scratch, I'd hate to even look at the way I had started it three years ago! The second reason is this game is a sequel to the game of the same name I submitted long, long ago to the UDevGames contest in 2002.

Feedback is welcome.


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