Zooming-out from the working scene

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Hi I was searching for a shortcut to zoom out and found
@Socks last post on adjusting preferences/accessibility/zoom and unchecking smooth images while giving a modifier to zoom. While it did work, unfortunately, I was looking for a different zoom out.

too zoomed in

I was looking forward into seeing the whole canvas of the working space. Also I encountered that sometimes my canvas was at the very left side of the screen while the non workable areas occupy too much space on the right. Can anyone guide me through that? thanks!


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    Unfortunately, you can´t zoom in / out in the Creator.

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  • zajinakajazzzajinakajazz Member Posts: 43

    @NipaDidIt oic...

    What about auto adjustingworking space?(keeping it in middle)

    Like this one, I don't know how this happened, but there's just too much space that the main working area needs to be adjusted everytime I get back to it. =(

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