How to make a random level game?

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I have always wanted to make one of those games where you make like 100 different levels and then you make them randomly play going into each other seamlessly. Like the line zen. How would I make a player able to move forward throughout many random levels without changing scenes? Because it seems to take a long time to load a new scene and I don't want the player to have to wait for a new scene to load. Thanks for the help.


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    You could just do a not visible actor with a collision detector at the very end of the scene, if collides with player, select random number, if # is 1-10, change scene to Level 1, or even if 100-110, change scene to Level 10. As for a fluid change, you could start each scene with your actor using the moveTo function to enter the scene to give the illusion that the player just ran through and changed scenes.

  • dustingriffiedustingriffie Member Posts: 57

    As for doing it with no scene change, I am no help, I haven't seen anything like that.

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    Reset scene behavior reloads a scene really quickly or instantly. If you had behaviors to build rebuild the level based on a attribute that goes from 1 to 100, you could have all 100 levels in a single scene and have it appear to load instantly. However, the hard part is finding a rule system that would create the level based on rules/behaviors/tables.

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    this sounds like a crazy idea it might not work or run into memory issues who knows..but you could make a 100 levels stacked on top of each other like on the same scene, and then when the player hits the end of your screen width or some invisible actor, you can move him up to the next level height and start him of at the beginning again...
    Just an idea i am throwing out there, although 100 levels stack on top of each other might be really difficult to manage/edit. I don't even know if GameSalad can handle that much memory going on in preview.
    Maybe the idea can be partially used so that you stack 5 levels or 10 levels and then so you only change scene once every 5 or 10 levels.

    But if your character moves up and down and the camera follows the actor, you might add buffer zone so that when the camera move up it doesn't reveal level 2 while you're playing level 1.

    Just throwing the idea out there... it might not work at all, or maybe because now the scene is so much bigger it'll end up taking longer to load than a single level.

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