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html5 preview buttons never work

LokitoesLokitoes Posts: 143Member, PRO

Hi there,

I'm a pro subscriber but have never had working html5 preview buttons. For example, the button that I assume lets you test it through a browser has never worked (see attached image for a picture of the page that I am looking at. Circled in red is the button I'm talking about). Touching some of the other buttons (eg. 'simulate' drop down menu) often causes the program to freeze, and in this preview window (the one shown in the attached image) the game itself doesn't actually work - it's still/frozen/no buttons or sounds works etc. Is this normal? I currently have version 0.13.31, however I've had this problem with all versions since html5 preview was introduced. Is there actually true html5 support for GS?



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