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Be careful doing jobs for Strange Loop Games company

Good Day
I did some translation for the company Strange Loop Games ( recently
I did not signed any contract, agreement or anything, we just agreed on the price and i did the job, but never got paid for it. It was not a huge amount of money, but i just want to warn the other people who will be working with the Strange Loop Games company.
It was my fault that i didn't asked for any documents or signed any paper if you can call trust a problem, but i trusted that people and in return i got a lot of promises in every letter, but it was never fulfilled

Warning !
If you want to work for this company be sure you will sign some agreement or contract before doing job for them.

The main problem is not the money, but how people are being treated.

I wish you best of luck with you clients
Don't let them trick you

Thank you

Kindest Regards

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