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dammiedammie Posts: 24Member, PRO


Im Dammie from the Netherlands. Im 39 years old, a wife and a son.

For a long time i was hoping to learn coding etc for making my own apps and games. Some games are in my head but never could make them because paying some costs a fortune, while keeping them up to date is difficult.

Now i found GameSalad and i like this idea!

For testing i would like to make a "Flappy Bird" clone with some "original" characters. It won't be a problem if it makes me rich but i won't expect this.

I have a question, what about all the templates which i can buy, maybe complete games from GShelper, could i just compile them and upload to Apple? What about a clone with original characters which i could make or buy?

Would Apple approve this kind of clones/remakes???


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