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So ive been working on this game and one of the problems is the help screen. I want to make it so when the help button is pressed the HELP actor spawns in with a home button underneath it. When the the home button is pressed it destroys the HELP actor and Home actor. And if i were to press the Help button both actors would spawn again. Ive tried a few methods but they dont work properly.

Ask for more details, this seams really simple, just cant get my head around it.

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  • tintrantintran Posts: 453
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    something like this?

    I just added a game attribute called show_help
    when user clicks on Help button, i set it to true and based on that true value spawn Help screen and home button.
    Then when user clicks on Home button i set it to false and based on that false value destroy Home and destroy Help screen.


  • CraigMackCraigMack Member Posts: 27

    Yes that is perfect, The rule i had was similar rule; it didnt reopen when i clicked on the help button. Thanks for the help

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