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The Guru is retired.

Just so there is no confusion. Today I am saying goodbye to the username "The Gamesalad Guru." It's run it's course. After consulting my game development partner @RP, I've decided to strictly focus on our games and building up our brand. As you might guess our company is called "Lost Oasis Games." RP is currently doing FX for a film but once that is done he will be able to complete the art for two games we have currently in development. I won't be making videos anymore. I'll leave that up to others to care for. I also own a "Golden Books Property" and I will begin bringing that back to life. I may hire another coder and artist to work with RP and I on that. That's what I'll be focusing on.

One of the games is called steel beach where you launch a sailor off an aircraft carrier catapult.

Atom Smash which has an Atomic Art vibe.



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