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Behaviours Stop Working

redcatsredcats Posts: 3Member
edited August 2015 in Tech Support

Hi, I'm teaching GameSalad and I ** noticed sometimes my behaviours stops working ** and I'm not sure if anyone has any workarounds. I have been able to figure out a few workarounds like when move stops working I will have them switch it out to accelerate, which while not great still at least works.

I have tried to simply delete & re-add the behaviour.
I have tried to take out the actor and put it back in the scene.
I have tried to turn on and off the behaviour.
I have tried to save, quit and reload the game.

But I simply can't get the behaviour to work again so I end up trading it out with another behaviour. Other things in the rule will work fine except that one behaviour.

I'm working with both windows and macs.

Here is an example:

I'm currently stuck on a scene reset. I am trigging the rule that should have the game reset, everything else in the rule is working, I reset the score and hp manually in that rule and it is working but scene reset is not. It used to but now it is not...

I don't want to manually replace every object that moved in the scene...

I even tried to switch it out with change scene and tried to have it restart the scene but had no luck...

Actually I have discovered that I can't seem to change the scene at all anymore..... Can't go to the next scene either... :'(

If I simply drag in a change scene (without rules or anything), it does nothing. I have it set to go the next scene (currently in level 1 of 4).... Nothing...

Not sure what is left to do but either restart my whole game or reinstall Gamesalad. I saved before I knew this was a problem...

I tried to add an image to demonstrate, but I'm not sure if I attached it right. Let me know if it doesn't work or you don't have permissons.

_Like I said again, the above behaviours work fine (change attribute ) but changing scenes seems to be broken in my game at the moment. _

The kids are having other issues which I'm not able to replicate because like I said, behaviour is becoming very wacky.... I do restart the software or tell them to save every few minutes but still.. It's difficult to teach in this state...

*And I wanted to note I downloaded this just two days ago so this should be the latest version.

.... Yeah I guess I'll restart, copy & paste no longer works either (tried the menu & keyboard shortcuts)....


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