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Just thought I would share how I added video after using imovies and failing to work on itunes connect

step1. use screencast omatic to record video

step 2. download MPEG Streamclip, import video you recorded

step 3. shorten video to no more then 28 seconds use i to setup your in and o to setup your out trimmings in mpeg stream clip.

command T to trim, export to mpeg change to your desired size eg: ipad 900x1200

now you're good to go upload to itunes connect and your done :)

it took many hours to find out this so maybe helpful to others lol

just in case you haven't done video you need to use safari to upload or you will get an error and it must be recorded using a mac, not a pc. don't use imovies...

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    Good job. you probably saved me some time I had planned on editing a game play video...(I had recorded more than 30 seconds) and was expecting to be able to use iMovie to do it.

    Interesting Apple not compatible with Apple. Lol

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    If you have a mac and iPhone you can use quicktime to record your videos also. All you have to do is connect your iPhone via lightning cable and select start movie recording. Then by the record button theres a drop down arrow and you can pick your phone for camera and mic.

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