Integrating Amazon GameCircle Leaderboard (Google Play Game)

LYNASDesignLYNASDesign Member Posts: 1

After opening a developer account with Amazon and going through the process of adding an app, a GameCircle leaderboard, finding the MD5 (the MD5 is correct after checking several times) and generating an API key for GameSalad with the game already setup I packaged as an APK. Upon testing the game the leaderboard or anything which resembled GameCircle did not show.

I have not attempted GameCircle integration before and would rather integrate Google Play Game Services but until it is made available I will have to make do.

I found a video which explained how to setup for both Amazon and Google Play which was not very useful although I was guided more than any other tutorial I found from GameSalad.

I have tried projects on both Mac and Windows with no luck, all buttons setup with correct leaderboard ID and functions. I have found many Android based GameSalad games which have successfully integrated GameCircle, any suggestions will be much appreciated.


  • BamfooBamfoo Member Posts: 4

    Hello @LYNASDesign , did you have any luck with this? I'm having the same problem and any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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