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Need Help on How to create android game for first timer

ornales24ornales24 Posts: 3Member
edited August 2015 in Announce Your Game!

My game title is "Pick a Letter" 4 pics 1 word look a like but my concept is basic word basic image for kids just 1 picture then press the letters to complete the answer then next level up to level 30.

my target for all Kids from ages 2-7 yrs old to familiarizes basic thing that kids encounter daily.

anyway I already research on YouTube and google but this one is helpful but there's no part 2 of tutorial

I already install Gamesalad anyone can help me what next thing to do?
Q: after creating a game in gamesalad how to convert it to .apk so the smartphones/android phones like samsung and other brands can try my 1st game? hehe
Thank you so much. :)


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