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Sujiko, Suko and TANKO now live!

kobayaashikobayaashi Posts: 140Member, PRO

Hi all,

well, after much scratching and sweating, and huffing and puffing, I'm now pleased to announce that three out of the four puzzle-based games I've been putting together are now live (the fourth was rejected as Apple can't find IAP's that aren't there in the first place, so I'll go through the process again for that one!).

Two of the puzzles are number-based : Sujiko and Suko are two puzzles which regularly feature in national newspaper titles, magazines, books and some educational sites. They were initially on sale in the App Store a couple of years ago, but they've now been re-vamped, with a new selection of puzzles included to fry the players' brains! They're deceptively simple puzzles - all one has to do is put the numbers 1-9 into a 3x3 grid, easy right?!

The third offering from Kobayaashi Studios is TANKO, which uses the same grid & node playboard, but is word-based. All a player needs to do is to put the words on the list into the playboard. Simples!

These are not all-singing, all-dancing games. There are no flashing lights or whizzing gizmos, just calm, serene puzzle playing for those who like to spend their time torturing their brain.

I hope they go down well, and that people enjoy playing them, but even if they don't, I've had a blast creating them - and I couldn't have done it without the GS community here. From helpful comments to free tutorials both on here and on YouTube, so many of you have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. Thank you so much. I won't name the most helpful ones individually, as I wouldn't want to accidentally forget anyone, but you know who you are, tirelessly offering to share what you've learned or discovered, passing on knowledge and expertise freely and eloquently. Thank you.

Much love,


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