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Black Helga looking for Concept Artist

bendabeebendabee Posts: 1Member


My name is Antonio Duarte Silva and I'm the team lead and Game Designer at Black Helga - a collaborative and hobbyist group of people from all over the world. We're currently working on a demo for our first game: Trickshot, and we're looking to add a new Concept Artist to the team.
Note: this is a hobbyist project and an investment of sorts (see more in The Obstacle section). For now, that’s all we can offer.

Addy, the game’s protagonist

The game:
Trickshot is a sidescrolling (atmospheric) action-adventure game, with a mixture of puzzle, platforms, stealth and even some point-and-click influences. (Our main references are the Trine, Deadlight, Brothers and Never Alone)
In it, Addlein - a young girl gifted with magical powers - ventures off into the big, scary world to find her in search for adventures. The game is heavily focussed on humor, expression and non-sense, but at the same time it embodies a strong and rich story, with strong characters in a unique fantasy world, entailing Addy’s growth and coming of age.

The play:
It's a game about experimentation, about trial and error and about ingenuity.
The game is to empower each player’s style, strengthening their experience by giving them a place to play and be challenged. Players are not handed weapons, but tools, tools that they can use to overcome the odds, experiment and create impossible situations, choosing how and in what way to use them.

An Ice Spell freezes your enemies…
but it can also create a big structure of ice that you can climb on and escape unharmed,
or (like Marvel’s Iceman) create an ice trail to slide through and freeze water,

The idea is to give players these “suggestions” and hints, and see what they can come up with.

The profile:

  • Comfortable with working from both descriptive texts as well as short indications and references;
  • Able to designing both characters, props and environments;
  • Creative with a good sense of motion, expression, colour and composition;
  • Pro-active, dedicated, organized and passionate;
  • A highly communicative team-player, looking to collaborate with others, not just by creating content but also providing feedback and ideas;
  • Passionate about games;

  • Able to shift between free-hand concepts to more technical illustrations (i.e., Character Sheets);

  • Experience with 3D modelling;
  • Experience with 2D and/or animation;
    Note: these is just a candidate “profile”. We’re open for all types of artist, personal styles and experience levels, but please - when applying - forward us to your most recent online portfolio.

The obstacle:
This is a hobbyist project with no sort of funding. We work on Trickshot on our free times, but all team members are required to give a median amount of time per week to the project. However, we are quite flexible with each team member, their work and personal life.
We offer each team member a share of the game's royalties and due credits.

The goal:
Our goal is to develop a demo that demonstrates the game's potential, share it and with the public's feedback in mind run a crowdfunding campaign, look for investors and/or publishers, etc, so that we can finance the rest of the game’s development and have steady paychecks (or at least some sum that can ease off this project’s pressure).

Sound like your type of thing? Then contact us at [email protected] (subject: Concept Artist), or via Skype, through me: antonio.salretaduartesilva

António Duarte Silva

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