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Can't hear any audio while testing. -Solved

T3hHappyEmoT3hHappyEmo Posts: 4Member
edited August 2015 in Tech Support

I was following the beginner tutorial and for some reason I am not getting any sound while testing my game. I can go to my imported media and play it fine there from within the creator, but while actually testing it wont play either the music that is set to play without a trigger (and is looped) or any of the sound effects that are supposed to be being trigger on collision.

I'm not seeing any settings for audio while testing, just screen size.


  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    I had the same problem yesterday. It was just random. I actually went to redownload the .net file - but it didnt install because my PC said it was already installed. Strangely my sound worked after.

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  • T3hHappyEmoT3hHappyEmo Posts: 4Member

    That worked for me too, thank you

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