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Salt & Pepper 2 - finally in development

iamcarteziamcartez Houston, TexasPosts: 648Member

I've had an idea for part 2 for a while but I was also waiting on the memory issues to be resolved. Salt & Pepper 1 was featured twice last summer but I received many complaints about crashes after playing several levels... Anyway, Salt & Pepper 2's gameplay is similar to the first one but with some adjustments.

  1. The salt and pepper must enter the bowl from the opening lol, no more odd hitbox where the grain can enter from the side or bottom of the bowl. The salt and pepper will no longer fall through the bowls. The salt or pepper can sit on a bowl and block the opening causing a change of strategy,
  2. Drawing is easier and simple (no tables storing every single X/Y) - huge thanks to @Armelline
  3. The levels are intense earlier in the game (with part 1, the difficulty didn't increase until about level 30 when I introduced Cinnamon as an addition)
  4. Some levels are long (part of the new element added to the game - see video),
  5. I'm working on a gameover that resets the line when you draw too much (however I want to keep the HUD minimum and would love to avoid a bar :/
  6. Avoiding the extra brightness of the first game as that was another complaint.
  7. Hmmm here is an early preview video for now...


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