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Paid developer required: Maze game with high score submission

artylabs artylabs Posts: 2Member, PRO

I'm looking for a developer to create a maze game similar to a single-level pacman.

The game should work on a computer in a web browser, on iOS and Android devices either in-browser or as an app that can be downloaded.

Splash screen sequence:

  • branded loading screen
  • top 5 high scores
  • instructions

The player starts at the left side of the maze and has to get to the other whilst avoiding characters that kill you (ghosts).

Running the character over the dots add to your score, so depending what path you take, the score will vary.

When you get to the other side, a congratulations webpage loads that lets you either

  • replay the game or
  • submit your score, name, email address, etc to a database. Upon submission you can replay the game.

Scores don't get published to game centre, etc - just to the private database.

All graphics will be supplied in the format/sizes required by the developer.

Ownership of all code / gamesalad files will be signed over by the developer upon completion and payment.

Please contact me at [email protected] if interested with any questions, quote, etc.


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