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SaveSalad - Autosave your GameSalad project (Mac only)

ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,761Member, PRO

I've posted SaveSalad before in my original free stuff thread, but I still see people regularly complaining about losing work due to forgetting to save and complaining about the lack of an auto-save feature in GameSalad.

SaveSalad autosaves your GameSalad project at pre-determined intervals!

DOWNLOAD IT FREE HERE (No sign-up required)

SaveSalad is a little AppleScript application that auto-saves your GameSalad project for you. When you launch it, you’ll be asked to pick a save interval (or provide your own), and SaveSalad will then check every x seconds to see if GameSalad Creator is the frontmost application. If it is, it will save your project for you. If GameSalad is in the background, it will save your project as soon as your return to GameSalad Creator

Please note that SaveSalad does NOT rename or version your project. It will simply save you the time-consuming and arduous work of pressing cmd-S.

SaveSalad is a MAC ONLY utility. It should work on pretty much any version of OS X, but it’s only been tested on Mavericks and Yosemite.

SaveSalad is used entirely at the users risk. If you do not want your project saved, quit SaveSalad. SaveSalad cannot read your mind! SaveSalad does literally nothing more than sending the cmd-S key command to GameSalad, so if something goes wrong it almost certainly isn’t SaveSalad’s fault – however, by using GameSalad you agree that Armelline (and GSHelper, though all they’re doing is hosting it) take no responsibility for anything that happens. Unless something awesome happens, in which case I’ll happy take credit.

GameSalad icon is used with permission.


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