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App Testing with Gamesalad Viewer with free Developer Account

Creator97Creator97 Posts: 140Member
edited August 2015 in Working with GS (Mac)

Installing the Gamesalad Viewer is the best way to test your App on your iOS device, isn't it?

So what I want to know is, if I can use a free developer account for that, or do I need to get a paid one to do the steps shown in the video?
Also, do you need to add at least one device to your paid developer account, before you are able to publish the app?


  • tmanntmann Posts: 278Member

    Using Xcode 7 beta you can indeed test on devices using a free developer account :)

  • tmanntmann Posts: 278Member
    edited August 2015

    that video is five years old !! Xcode is a much improved beast these days :)

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