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Is adding images to an animate behaviour causing GS to crash for anyone else ???

dant88dant88 Posts: 1Member, PRO

When I add one or more images to an animate behaviour GS crashes down with no warning or indication as to why.

At first I thought it was the size of the images but I resized them down to be about 200x350 px and it's still happening.

They're PNG images, I'm not sure if it's happening with other images types but I'm going to check now.

I submitted a ticket but I wanted to see if anyone on here is having this problem too.

Thanks guys :smile:

Best Answer


  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    i have more crashes when adding images into game salad itself… i just save A LOT :)
    save after every small adjustment you make… im working on OS yosemite btw…

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