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[Free] Colorush - Fun brain training with colors

MerkinMerkin Posts: 17Member, PRO
edited August 2015 in Announce Your Game!

A mate and I have been trying to work together for about 3 years (different countries) and everything gets to about 80% and we can never complete them due to time restrictions/commitments.
So we decided to try Gamesalad to see if we could release SOMETHING.
Within a couple of days we had Colorush. It's not perfect, but it is a bit of fun and something that we can say is out there.
It's a game that messes with how our brains are wired and utilises something called the Stroop effect

If you want to hurt your brain a little, check it out here

edit: the image was HUGE and I broke the wiki link


  • mhedgesmhedges Raised on VCS Posts: 634Member

    Nice, wicked twist to the match the color genre! Very clean style. Recommended!

  • MerkinMerkin Posts: 17Member, PRO

    Thanks! It's definitely given us a boost to try a few more things in Gamesalad!
    If you have any issues or comments etc with the game would love to hear them.
    Have a great day :smile:

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