Please help me: a problem in initial scene.

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I am a pro user.
I am making a android app game with windows GS.

I linked a video. please check it.

There are 2 problems.

problem 1>
After my app gets started, the play button of the first scene is not working.
But the screen of phone is off and on once, and then the play button works well.

problem 2>
When the scene change to another scene, some white color is showing for very short time.

I don't know why.

More one thing...
the problems are happened to Galaxy 4, Galaxy note 3, LG Gx etc. Almost are good phones.
But It works well on Galaxy 2, Galaxy Nexus. that is not happened to the low phone.
Also it is happened never with GSViewer on any phone.

Is there any soluton for the problems?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

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