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The Truck Driver now available in the Google Play Store!

phyzikophyziko Posts: 3Member
edited August 2015 in Announce Your Game!

★Can You handle these powerful trucks on 24 rough terrains? Try it now!★

Google Play link:

The truck driver is a truck driving game with great physics, interesting and long tracks and all kind of trucks. Your goal is to reach the finish line in given time without destroying your truck.You will drive 16 totally unique trucks in 24 levels. Drive through valley, jungle, city day and night, ice peaks, and desert.

In this game you can make front and back flips, jumps, drive through loops, collect extra points, achieve medals, drive through very rough terrains…
On the bottom of the screen, you will find timer, score, number of attempts, speedometer, damage indicator and all the buttons you need.

If you love truck games, whether stunt or rock climbing style, you will love this game.


• 24 Exciting levels
• 16 different trucks (from 2 axles up to 9 axles, from small to very big, from climbers to jumpers…)
• 6 driving environments (desert, city day, jungle, ice, city night, valley)
• Stunts (front and back flip, hang time, loops, ramps)
• Rock climbing (a lot different obstacles, rough terrains)
• Great physics
• Long tracks
• Many different obstacles
• Truck Damage
• Medals
• Checkpoints

Google Play link:

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