Making an actor seem like its jumping without using gravity

digitalzerodigitalzero Member, BASIC Posts: 639

So I'm trying to make an ai that seems as if it is jumping to an arch in a specific location with out having to use gravity rules... Is there any way to "fake" a jump easily


  • RThurmanRThurman Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 2,862

    Its all fake jumping! :)

    What did you have in mind? Can you give a little more detail?

  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    Do you mean the built-in gravity rules? You could always use a combination of accelerate to give the actor simulated gravity and then motion.linearvelocity.y /x to give it "jump"

    Failing that, there's always interpolate.

  • digitalzerodigitalzero Member, BASIC Posts: 639

    Hey @RThurman and @ookami007 here's kinda what i was thinking... Making a character move at and arch without gravity placed

  • frdfrd Member Posts: 191

    Give it an X velocity, a Y velocity and accelerate it at 270 degrees.

    For example, to jump to the left like your illustration shows -

    Change attribute, linear velocity x to -300
    Change attribute, linear velocity y to 500
    Accelerate, direction 270, speed 500

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    Example attached:

  • digitalzerodigitalzero Member, BASIC Posts: 639

    Thanks so much you guys are awesome!!$

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