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Scene ignoring some behaviors

I have a level select screen with 20 different actors (level select buttons) that when pushed will go to the corresponding level. This was working fine until recently but now none of them work. I've ensured they are on top of the layer. I've also taken a temp actor and placed it in there where when it is pushed it shows "Hello World" on the actor. It works fine in other scenes but not inside my level select scene.

I updated one of buttons to log to the debugger simply from being spawned but even that doesn't show up.

Does anyone have any idea on this? I assume I can recreate the scene to get it to work but there are nearly 100 actors on the page so I'd really rather not.


  • gingagaminggingagaming FREELANCE GS DEV Posts: 1,584Member

    You have broken logic somewhere and most likely a reference to a Table Cell that doesn't exist.

    1. Are you using a table?
    2. If so are you referencing a table row or column using an attribute?

    If you have answered yes to both of above, then you must make sure your attribute (that will decide the table column or row) is not set to zero upon scene load or any other number that doesn't exist.

    This will cause the game to not load and in particular, the DISPLAY behaviour not to display any text which is why it works on other scenes and not this one.

    A very easy way to de bug this is to turn off each actor until the display actor works again. When you have narrowed down the actor, then turn off each rule until you find the rule, then look at the logic. You will find your error there my friend.

    If you get stuck, you can always hire a dev to help find it for you but you will get more pleasure in finding it yourself and learn even more!

  • scott.m.rowleyscott.m.rowley Posts: 16Member, PRO

    While I can see the definition of the table and it should be right that does appear to be the issue. I've removed all of the actors that reference the table and now it's working. Now I just need to figure out the actual issue and put them back. Thanks for the assist!

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