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How can i make it ?

Add someAdd some Posts: 48Member

Hey guys how you doing i have some questions and i wish if you help me about this questions ?

First: i want make remove ads on my game how can i make it this on gamesalad or in xcode, when i make remove ads on my game that's mean apple will take 30% and give me 70% or the company of advertisements will take from my game and when i publish my game from iTunes connect i choose to my game free or paid or in app purchase or what ?

Second: i want save the level for my game after close the game or when a failure in the game i see the last level ?

Third: if your game has advertisements who's give you your money, what's the best company for ads, i can put in my game one company for ads or i can put more, and what is the period which give your money ?

My apologize guys about all this questions i wait your answers.


  • GnarlyGnarly canadaPosts: 840Member

    You need apple developer account.
    You need to make game in gamesalad.
    Adds are very easy to use in gamesalad. Publish game in iTunes Store. Apple pays you directly. Or use another add company that pays you thru paypal.

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