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Hi. I'm an exclusive composer and songwriter from a regional publisher in Asia and have been involved in commercial music projects. I understand that not everyone can afford to pay for music and many a times, royalty free music might not be the exact style you want for your projects. I've been in the music industry long enough to know that, thus would like to offer up my services to create custom music that is tailored to your projects for FREE.

Terms & Conditions (Simplified T&C version)

Send all requests to:

Request for custom music/soundtracks by filling this up:

Project name:
What is it for(Intro/Gameplay/etc):
Style/genre of music:
Type of game(optional):
Musical references:
Loop or Non-Loop:
Duration of Non-Loop music(If selected non-loop):
Additional comments:

Request for custom sound designs(Sfx) by filling this up:

Project name:
Type of sounds(Jump/Buttons/etc):
Type of game(optional):
Sound design references:
Additional comments:

1.1 Any piece of work that was written for you and used by you will solely be for your project and not for use for any other party's work.

1.2 You are free to use any custom made music/sfx in your current project for your future projects, but just have to simply inform me via email.

1.3 If the piece of work that was written for you was not used by you for your stated project, it will be up to my own discretion for the right to assign or license the work.

1.4 No vocal music, only instrumental.

1.5 Do not request for a piece of work that you do not need.

1.6 Credit me for every of my work that has been used by you in your projects, for I will likewise do the same.

As for payment:

2.1 Custom made music for your projects are royalty free unless you feel the need to give some sort of payment for which we can discuss further via email.

2.2 If your project is for a COMMERCIAL CLIENT and you are receiving a form of payment, hook me up with your client and I'll discuss my rates with them instead.

3.1 If I am unable to fulfil your request, I'll inform you ASAP.
3.2 Different people have different taste in art and not everyone is a jack of all trades for EVERY genre of music. If I did not meet your genuine expectations or criterias and you decided not to use the music, I will sincerely understand.
3.3 I will do to my very best to complete the request ASAP, but please do not give unreasonable request deadlines.


Here are some of my works. My description can be found in the links below as well.

Feel free to email me to clarify when in doubt.


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