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All image files missing

KremelKremel Posts: 50Member, PRO

Help. My game file image just got missing. How do I retrieve it back? The game is almost finish and now this happens. Please help!


  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    Do you have a recent back up of your game - or do you just work on one file ?

  • LovejoyLovejoy Posts: 2,078Member

    Can you right click the game file, then click show package contents, click the images folder and take a screenshot of that please.

    Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

    If you by some chance ever showed package contents and dragged them out of that package this can happen. Search also your entire Mac for "images"....look for a folder called images and if you find one...look inside. If that's it copy and paste it back into your package folder. I made this mistake once. Not saying that's the issue but it could be.

  • ChunkypixelsChunkypixels Posts: 1,113Member

    I've had this happen a few times over the years.... Seems to happen sometimes if you move the GameSalad project file to a different location on your hard drive... Sometimes it can lose the links to the images. Like others have said, dragging the images back into the images folder in the package contents usually fixes it...

  • KremelKremel Posts: 50Member, PRO

    Thanks. I give it a try.

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