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Two Issues : Actor Blinking and Variable Storing

Hello, the project that I've been working on is release ready save for two issues that consistently don't seem to go away. I'm looking more for general direction to look into then a specific solution, but otherwise I'll appreciate any aid.

The first, is that the background actor in the main game scene flashes on and off. This actor in question has no rules within it, and yet it blinks in and out during play. I noticed that this issue never occurs when testing on the editor or gamesalad viewer but it always pops up during test flight build tests.

The other second issue that's been noticed is related to a key variable needed for storing high scores. As with the first issue, this never comes up during editor or viewer testing even though it appears to have about a 50% chance of happening during test flight testing. Basically, it seems like the game tends to "forget" what ever value was in the high score count, and thus when it posts, it either shows up as 0, or fails to bring a higher score if a previously high score was accurately reported in previous play.

Thank you for any help or advice in advance.


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