Thunder goes under the knife....

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I will be having Neck surgery Tuesday. They are going to...cut my neck below the chin down to just above the collar bone...move my gullet out of the way and aorta....remove a disk and put in...what for it...a piece of bone from a dead guy and place a steel playe between two others and then drill some holes and put pins in to hold me together.

Ummm yea....i'll be officially a Walking Dead ! Cool !

Anyways....I will be oit of pocket for a couple days and probably drooling because They gave me some good stuff for pain management. Ill be off work for about 3 weeks to a month. During this time I will be VERY available to help new members and well...anyone with their Apple publishing processes.

I also will be creating three tutorials to be able to build three types of games. Each that can be built within (easily) 5-8 days (about 5-8 hours total build time) and help new members during their free trial period to build and publish a game withing their 15 day trial period. I originally thought of calling it..."The Unofficial 10 Day Challenge Using GameSalad"

Anyways my Skype name is tc5150

Donationtions will be accepted :-) but for the most part this will be a free service. I aint got much anything else to do.

Ill keep you all posted.



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