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Looking for a recommended path


I am interested in having an app version of my physical card game made. I am in the process of assessing my options and came across GameSalad.

Quick game info: financial investment buying game, 90 card deck (mostly uniques, mostly investments) and play money. Basically, players take turns buying or responding in some way to a card. You win by having a certain amount/the most income from your investments when the special card comes up. Modifying the game mechanics to translate will be necessary and in some cases desired to take advantage of the digital medium. For example, one thing that was impractical but now easily doable as an app would be to earn interest on your cash holdings automatically.

  • I am interested in an architecture that is scalable and efficient for use on all device types
  • I am interested in making it hack proof by having all the important calculations done server side, like World of Tanks does it

So I am looking for guidance on the best path and approximate cost of such a thing, and if the developers and software here are right for the task.

Thanks in advance,

  • Frank
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