GoodLuck! - Completely renovated

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I just upgraded my application: GoodLuck!

The application published in 2011, and has since been downloaded thousands of copies. During these months, I have completely redesigned all new programming, graphic redesign, redesign of mini-games, new features, responsive (Universal iOS), etc. And finally and I'm done the last week!

GoodLuck! is a way of making drawings: where can we eat today? Who pays for dinner? etc ...

_"GoodLuck! gives you a fun and simple way for to make a draw between different options. No more arguments! The only outcome is luck. Choose the number of options that you want to draw, and how you want to. It's that simple!

The luck and the random more fun than ever through mini-games: classic, absurd, fast, slow ... you get tto draw to 99,000 options, and rename to 50.

  • The application is responsive
  • Ability to draw up 99,000 options
  • Ability to rename up to 50 options
  • 7 mini-game for to make a draw
  • Free (with Ads) / Paid (without ads)"_!/id518456350?mt=8

I hope you like it, is a very original idea and it never hurts to take on the mobile.


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