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Full steam ahead!

ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member
edited September 2015 in Non-GS Game News

I had a really tough time last couple of months. The love of my life left me after two months of uncertainty. She made the right decision for now, because I was losing myself a due to a lot of failures, I'm sure a lot of people have been there too. Because there were so many ups and downs (mostly downs) in the past year, I lost motivation to finish some amazing projects I was working on, quit video editing (film editing is my biggest passion) for a while, and basically lost myself more and more over time. Last weekend I had a final talk with her after almost a month of no contact, and I realized I was the issue because I had changed in a person I never wanted to be. During the tears of loss, I re-ignited the spark once again to become the person I was, the person that was full of motivation to make something out of this life.

Anyways, sorry for the drama talk, but I had the urge to share it with the GS community since you guys are always very supportive! I want to work harder then ever before. I want to finish what I have started, and being more involved in this community to help others and myself. Besides game development, I called my partner (he is involved in the game marketing), and told him I was ready again to continue my editing career. I am his personal (short) film editor, and we basically both decided put my editing career on hold because it was getting too much for me at the time.

I'm a bit scared of what the future will hold for me, but lets make the best out of it, lets go full steam ahead!



  • dapiondapion Posts: 353Member, PRO

    Hi Matthias,
    Respect for your words! Not everyone dares as a text with his life events to write openly.
    I think every one of us makes times hard times ... that's life.
    The important thing is that it goes on and on!
    And so as you write, it sounds very positive!

    I wish you all the best,
    and your life from now on only getting better!


    PS: Sorry for my english...I´m german:-)

  • neomanneoman Posts: 813Member

    A wise woman once told me "You gotta finish what you start" It is a good habit and it is a good character trait. Good luck on your journey and all the best for the future. You are on the right track ... :wink:

  • ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member

    @dapion Thanks a lot for the kind words, and you are right, life goes on, Its hard to let go the past, but luckily her decision it brought me on the right track. I just need to ride that track and see where it goes:)


    A wise woman once told me "You gotta finish what you start"

    I think those words are the foundation of a wealthy life. cheers and thanks for the kind words!

  • mhedgesmhedges Raised on VCS Posts: 634Member
    edited September 2015

    Onward and upward, @Approw . This is a chance to evaluate your position and move forth.

    As Winston Churchill said, "When going through hell, keep walking". >:)

  • ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member

    @mhedges Thanks for the kind words, and that's an awesome quote! I'm quitting smoking (yes full steam ahead is possible without steaming in the shed haha) right now, and try to stop drinking on regular basis. So yes it will be hell, but I really need to embrace a bright future and improve myself to reach my ultimate goals. I feel like this is the right time to change myself.

  • RThurmanRThurman Posts: 2,842Member, Sous Chef, PRO

    All the best @Approw!

  • Braydon_SFXBraydon_SFX Posts: 8,981Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Bowlboy Sidekick GameSalad Employee

    Best wishes to you!

  • ApprowApprow Posts: 703Member

    @RThurman @Braydon_SFX Thanks a lot guys! Every comment I got so far made me feel incredibly happy:) This is why I love this community.

  • 8bitninja8bitninja Posts: 367Member

    It sounds like you're off to a great start. Being honest with yourself and others is truly the best policy and in many ways will set you free. Also, I find for myself that working hard and keeping your nose to grindstone is the best way to keep negative thoughts out of your head. Best wishes. ;)

  • robertkdalerobertkdale USAPosts: 912Member

    @Approw keep pushing forward. Everything will be ok! I wish you nothing but the best moving forward. :)

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  • haroldgreenharoldgreen Posts: 2Member

    It is really courageous that you shared your pains with the community. I wish you all the best for the future. In such times, all you need to do is keep pushing forward. Another thing I would like to suggest that helped me a lot during my break up was that start playing games along with developing them. When me and my fiancé broke up, I just acheter rainbow six and started playing it whenever I was free. This prevented me from thinking about her during the idle time and helped me get over the period really fast. Playing games is a good way to get your mood fresh and take a break from work. I hope you get over all your troubles really fast.

  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

    I feel it takes a strong person to bring your faults you have discovered out into the open...and just as great that you feel we..."the community" are a part of your life enough to tell us about them. I'd say you are definitely on a road to great evaluating your's a good thing to do once in a while. Kudos and an awesome for you.

    Thank you @Approw

  • jay2dxjay2dx Posts: 610Member

    i feel your pain mate, keep your chin up and look forward to what you can achieve this year hey! good luck budy :)

  • PhilipCCPhilipCC Encounter Bay, South AustraliaPosts: 1,390Member
    edited January 2016

    @Approw I only just discovered this thread. I feel for you... back in September.

    I know you are doing better because yesterday I saw your comment on "Heads up for 1.25 release".

    < I wonder what the plural word of "features" means :open_mouth: Maybe nearest neighbor interpolation, maybe joint support, maybe full steam support, maybe folders workflow inside gamesalad. Damn, I love waiting for christmas :)! <

    Followed by a happy picture of a cute kid anticipating Christmas. :)

    That's the spirit.

    What wonderful things, people and experiences does the Universe have in store for me next?

    Ask that question every morning and you'll be surprised what pops up. ;)

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