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iAd Placement Question

Hey guys! I have a quick question about iAds. My game is only 3 scenes (1. "Menu", 2. "GamePlay Scene" and 3. "Gameover-Retry?") My game has a high level of difficulty, so when the player hits "Retry?" it goes back to the "Menu" screen so they can replay the game. I placed a banner iAd on the Menu screen, as it is the only place an advertisement would aesthetically fit in the game. So the ad disappears once the player hits "Play" on the Menu screen to go back to the "Gameplay Scene." My concern is the person playing probably won't see much of the iAd but only for a few seconds or so, before they hit 'Play' again. Will the short amount of time the iAd is displayed be a huge problem? I've played similar games where ads were on the menu but not during gameplay. Revenue isn't a huge concern for me, I'm more concerned that iAds won't be displayed due to the short amount of time the person playing will probably see them. I hope I explained this well. Thanks!!


  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Posts: 2,343Member

    IAds display very fast...I woukd expect with the users internet connection strenth will be the difference of wether an ad is displayed or not. I would believe how you are doing it is just fine.

    Max time an iad displays to get max "eCPM" is 45 seconds display time...even 2 seconds will allow Apple to provide a certain amount of "expressions" to consider the ad having been displayed.

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