High Score not Working on WINDOWS. HELP??

LedezmaEdwyLedezmaEdwy Member Posts: 7

Hey peeps,

I tried to put the High Score rule how it is in a Mac but, for some reason its not working. I triple chek if i didnt made no mistake. Still didn't wok. This is how I have it and seen it.

Rule: Attribute If: "game.score" > "game.Highscore"

Do: Change Attri: "game.Highscore" to "game.score"

Timer: After: "What ever seconds" Check Run to completion"
Inside Timer.
Save Attri: " Save " "game.Highscore" "As" (this is where the key goes right?)

Then in another actor I use

Load Attri: "From" (the key that you use right?) "Load" "game.Highscore"

This should save the High Score but for some reason it doesnt in WINDOWS.

Note: The Save Attribute on window is SAVE then AS. Instead of being ATTRIBUTE then KEY
For Load Attribute on windows is FROM then LOAD. Mac is KEY then Attribute.

Thanks Please Help Anyone.



  • GeorgeGSGeorgeGS Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 478

    How are you testing it? Attributes cannot be saved or loaded in Windows preview, but you can try web preview, the viewers, or publish an ad hoc build to a device.

  • LedezmaEdwyLedezmaEdwy Member Posts: 7

    I'm testing in Preview to test the game in gamesalad. So it works different from Mac. How does it work? I haven't Web preview. I'm going to try that. Thanks and I'll get back to you on my results.


  • LedezmaEdwyLedezmaEdwy Member Posts: 7

    @GeorgeGS Thankyou it worked on the web! :smiley: so when i get to pulish this game it would work right. So from now on im testing on Web lol.. Thanks for your HELP!!!

  • GeorgeGSGeorgeGS Key Master, Head Chef, Member, PRO Posts: 478

    Yeah, it should work fine, but you generally want to test on a device to be sure if you have one available. It's unfortunate the Windows native preview doesn't save/load attributes right now, but I hope to fix that soon. :)

    Good luck!

  • LedezmaEdwyLedezmaEdwy Member Posts: 7

    ok, Thanks!! :)

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