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Can I create irregular shape's actor?

satoshiwakatasatoshiwakata Posts: 60Member, PRO

Hey, there!
I wan to create simple fighting game.
In there, I can make use of Circle⚫️ and Square◾️ shapes for actor.
But, if I could, I want to make use of the shape of like big Square on small square.

like this.

Is it possible ?


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,845Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef

    What do you mean by "big Square on small square"? Can you sketch it or post a different image? I'm not understanding the three squares together, sorry.

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  • satoshiwakatasatoshiwakata Posts: 60Member, PRO

    like them.

  • grishlockgrishlock Posts: 32Member, PRO

    You can use multiple actors. Use one as the main actor, and constrain the other actors to the main actor's location.

  • satoshiwakatasatoshiwakata Posts: 60Member, PRO

    Hi there! Thank you for reply!
    How do I make for multiple actors?

    Now I thinking.... I am going to create fighting game,
    so I want to make player's posture.
    For example, static standing posture (as square actor), squatting posture (as lo height's square actor) or attacking posture like punch or kick (as protrude small square's square).
    and all posture is needed collision detection.

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