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promoting your game in a original way

when launching your app it is not guaranteed you will get tons of downloads.
many people use twitter,Facebook and other social media to promote their game.
i want to add another possibility to promote your game that i did not see passing by here on the GS forum.

take a look at this screenshot:

it is possible to create a so called 'QR code' and scan the code with your smartphone, this way you will be redirected to the downloads page (in my example the App Store:)
just google for 'qr code' and you will have it set up in no-time! (don't mind the language i used in the screenshot, its dutch)

hope it will bring some more downloads:) enjoy!


  • sebmat86sebmat86 Posts: 339Member

    Cool idea! But in what way do you use this? You have posters or something like that, that you put up on walls or such?

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    yep, i printed them on A4 format and went to some big local stores and supermarkets.
    they usually have an advertisement display over here in the netherlands, so people are free to advertise:) even our local chinese food provider does have such an add board hanging:)

    another idea is to print the codes on a business card and distribute in trains etc:)

    possibilities are unlimited:)

    try and scan the code with your device, it works perfectly:)

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    if you have a bigger budget you can always rent a plane and let it fly with advertisement… it will probably cost a fortune, so i try advertising as cheap as possible :) the idea mentioned above was actually my fathers idea, i completely forgot about 'qr' codes :)

  • MoikMoik Posts: 257Member, PRO
    edited October 2015

    You could use it for traditional circulated print media (magazines, newspapers, coffee news). Asking for "remnant space" is generally cheaper than the quoted rates. Or, just trying to find smaller indie artists with zines or something and sponsor an issue for a few QR spots throughout it.

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO
    edited October 2015

    another great idea! maybe i'll put a small advertisement in the local newspaper:) thanks for the input @Moik

  • GameAlchemistGameAlchemist Posts: 106Member

    Thanks for the tips. I'll try posting my upcoming game in the Newspaper! :D

  • patateChaudepatateChaude Posts: 8Member

    @GameAlchemist said:
    Thanks for the tips. I'll try posting my upcoming game in the Newspaper! :D

    Or maybe you can Fax me your game URL? That would be great...

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO
    edited October 2015
  • stragstrag Posts: 563Member, PRO

    Nice one...thanks for sharing ;)

  • GameAlchemistGameAlchemist Posts: 106Member

    @patateChaude lol I know it might be pointless, but there's no harm in advertising as much.

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    defiantly no harm in advertising as many as you can, i advertised some on twitter and got another 5 extra download in a day;)

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO
    edited October 2015

    funny detail, its actually downloaded in Chile yesterday:)

  • mhedgesmhedges Raised on VCS Posts: 634Member
    edited October 2015

    Well done. You can also put these in dance clubs, bars and coffee shops where they have a bulletin board, stand or table to hold business cards and adverts.

    Also, back in the day before the smartphone (we're talking Treo 180 here, boys and girls!), I did bumper stickers for our business' website. You can try doing stickers too.

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