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Canadian Media Fund - Experimental Stream

MoikMoik Posts: 257Member, PRO

Jigglybean's thread about the UK fund made me realize maybe this hasn't come up here. The federal government has a budget of about 400m/yr to toss at movies, TV, and video games. The "Experimental Stream" is the one Canadian Game Salad'ers could most likely qualify for. They'll provide a pseudo-loan for 75% of costs, up to 400k (you're only obligated to repay the loan if you make money). So if you make a budget of 1yr Game Salad, 1yr Apple Dev, 1yr Google Play, 1month Freelance Artist, for about $4000, they could end up loaning $3000 and you only need to repay as much as your game makes.

There's a lot of stuff they consider before they'll offer a loan. You basically do want to have a few games on the app store first so they consider you legit, for example. But 65% of the decision weight comes down to these:

  • Originality of the content and form
  • Integration and/or development of new technologies 
  • Sophistication of design and programming (architecture, navigation, interface, graphic design, creative elements) 
  • Interactivity and control exercised by the end user 
  • Potential for legacy to the industry

For each, you make the case on if you qualify and the judges agree or not. That list is the complete extent of their clarifications on the topic. Probably the most challenging is Integration of New Technologies, but if you set up something that doesn't really exist in other Game Salad games you could honestly make the case.

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