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Solution to "The u option must have a non-empty value" when uploading via "Application Loader 3.2"

JSprojectJSproject Posts: 730Member

As the title says!

This is currently a known issue for several developers - it has nothing to do specifically with GS but is an issue on Apple's end with Application Loader 3.2 that prevents you from submitting an app using that version.
(I'm currently using Xcode 7.0 and have been using Application Loader 3.2 on several occasions before in order to submit builds to Apple with no prior issue).

Two possible solutions:

  • Download and upload your binary using "Application Loader v3.1" instead (this is what I did). This also works if you're using Xcode 7.01
    (I used that method since I currently want to continue to publish using GS 0.13.41 - which on GS server side end builds the binary with the older Xcode SDK which expects a zipped .app).

Application Loader v3.1 can be downloaded from:

or alternatively:

  • Upgrade to Xcode 7.1 and use "Application Loader v3.3" which is installed with that version of Xcode. This is the method you may want to use if you're using/publishing with the latest GS version.


  • RabidParrotRabidParrot Formally RabidParrot. Posts: 956Member

    I agree with uploading Xcode to resolve the issue. I almost asked the GS forums then I decided to google search the error code. Thanks for posting!

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