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I am creating a 2D Flying game where the actor gets of a jump With some speed, then i want it to be able to fly like a paper airplane. Yet I can't Get The physics right, and it doesn't look real at all. Hope anyone can help me With this.



  • dapiondapion Member, PRO Posts: 353

    Try to work with actor gravity.
    In your actor put the accelerate behaviour with direction: 270 and acceleration: 300

    For the first jump you can use a change attribute...self.motion linear to 600.

    try it...

  • StroxStrox Member Posts: 3

    Thanks for answer, but that is not quite what i am looking for. Forgot to mention it; the player should be able to rotate the actor to left and right, and when actor is rotated left the player gain hight but the speed decrease, which will make actor fall down eventually. And when player rotates right the player gain speed, but lose hight.

  • RThurmanRThurman Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 2,867

    This project might give you some ideas.

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