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Starting A New Project, What Size?


I'm starting a new game that will only be for phones, iPhone mostly. What size template is recommended? Do I build for 6 Plus and trust the images will look good on smaller or is there another consideration? Thanks.



  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    i always select 'iphone6' and when publishing the file i choose the 'stretch' option so it does also run on other iPhones and iPads:)

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    actually apple demands that your apps also run on iPad:)

  • AngryBoiAngryBoi Posts: 586Member

    No matter what, I always use the iPad size. To me, it's the easiest to resize for all other screen sizes.

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    but with iPad you have to crop instead of stretch right?

  • rvantilborgrvantilborg Posts: 185Member, PRO

    anyway, seems both work fine:P

  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,913Member
    edited October 2015

    Depends how you do your layout as it all has to do with aspect ratio not screen size. Most people start with iPad.

  • colandercolander Posts: 1,610Member

    Below are the screen sizes and aspect ratios (Expressed as width / height) of the platforms in Creator. As you can see iPhone 5 and up are almost identical at 1.77xxx but you will have a problem with iPhone 4 and you will have similar issues with android.

    You can use stretch but it will distort your images unless you use @BBEnk solution here or I have a paid template using overscan see links in my signature. Like others have said it depends on your game.

    iPhone 4/GCA Landscape 480x320 1.5
    iPhone 4/GCA Portrait 320x480 0.66667

    iPhone 5 Landscape 568x320 1.775
    iPhone 5 Portrait 320x568 0.56338

    iPhone 6 Landscape 667x375 1.77867
    iPhone 6 Portrait 375x667 0.56222

    iPhone 6+ Landscape 736x414 1.77778
    iPhone 6+ Portrait 414x736 0.5625

    iPad Landscape 1024x768 1.33333
    iPad Portrait 768x1024 0.75

    Nook Color Landscape 1024x600 1.70667
    Nook Color Portrait 600x1024 0.58594

    Kindle Fire Landscape 1024x580 1.76552 (1.56641)
    Kindle Fire Portrait 600x1004 0.59761 (1.67333)

    GameSalad Arcade 480x320 1.5 (0.66667)

    720p HD Landscape 1280x720 1.77778 (0.5625)

    MacBook Landscape 1280x800 1.6 (0.625)

    Legacy Web Landscape 720x480 1.5 (0.66667)

  • GameAlchemistGameAlchemist Posts: 106Member
    1. Start with iPad size
    2. Design your artwork on iphone 6+ size and place it in the middle of the workspace. And also remember to keep all of your Gameplay in the proportions of an Iphone 6+, so it doesn't cut out.
    3. Use the remaining space left as a dummy artwork(just don't leave the space blank)
    4. Use overscan method for publishing

    And what I mean by dummy space is THIS Compare the iphone and iPad view to see what I have done here. This method will make sure your app won't get rejected, because as rvantilborg said, apple requires you to design it for iPad too.

    OR if you don't want to go through the fuss, just publish your project stretch, so it won't get rejected but it'll look Stretched. But from my experience, I have been getting quite a few iPad downloads lately so I'd suggest optimising for iPad too.

    Have a nice day.

  • richcoyrichcoy Posts: 211Member

    @GameAlchemist, very clear and concise steps. Thank you!

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