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Performance questions

IceboxIcebox Posts: 1,483Member

Hello , I am trying to improve performance in my game but im not sure if what im doing is right , based on what I read on google everything causes performance issues so im confused.

Q1 which is better on performance? to have rotate behavior which forces the actor to be moveable , or constrain the rotation and switch moveable off ? ( 5 to 10 actors, 48x48 32 bit image )

Q2 I have put a condition on my coin actors ( about 80 coins each level, 24x24 32 bit image ) , only when the coins appear on screen I constrain the position of my coins to go up and down using sin. But I am not sure if the conditions here make it worse on performance since it always calculate if the condition is true or false , or is it the right way to do it ?

I really want to test it on my device but it always gives me good results , cause the device is new but I remember testing my game on older devices and it wasnt going well , right not i dont have access to these older devices so I thought id ask for tips , Thanks.

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