The GameSalad October (2015) Game of the Month is...

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... BRAIN IT - Amazing Adventure by @Sleepless Clinic!

Congratulations to Sleepless Clinic, developer of our October GameSalad Game of the Month!

We're currently writing the October Game of the Month interview. Check back here shortly for a link!
We were absolutely amazed at the stunning art, challenging level design and overall polish of this game. Be sure to check it out on the App Store!

Honorable Mentions:

Gull Juan by @skott !
GameSalad developer @skott has created superb games in the past and doesn't disappoint with Gull Juan. The comical idea made us chuckle and the smooth graphics and animations really made this game stand out. Congrats to @skott and his game Gull Juan! Be sure to download Gull Juan on the App Store!

Orcs by @BigDave !
Dave really knows how to take simple gameplay and expand upon it to create something unique. Orcs is a fun game that you'll keep coming back to play. Congrats to @BigDave and his game Orcs! Be sure to download Orcs on the App Store!

Congrats again to our October Game of the Month Winner and our honorable mentions!


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