Try "BOOGER BOING" Free, Available now on the App Store and Play Store!

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Booger Boing is now available, took me much more time to develop than planned, but I think it was worth it, hope you enjoy it! :)

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Play store

There is a yucky and wonderful world inside your nose, is up to you to explore it! Use your finger to stretch and sling our heroic little booger. Calculate the strength and angle of each shot in order to jump, bounce, stick and splat through challenging and exiting levels collecting coins and treasures while avoiding pitfalls and vicious nasal residents! Who knew nose picking was so fun?
With wonderful graphics, awesome gameplay, and excellent music, Booger Boing assures hours of disgusting fun!

-Stunning artwork and music
-Engaging ballistic gameplay, a original take of the slingshot mechanics
-Easy to learn, hard to master, earn stars by making the least jumps to finish the levels
-Many levels assure you hours of gameplay, more levels to come!


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