Video Tutorial: Display a notification in-game when an update is available

ArmellineArmelline Member, PRO Posts: 4,934

Today's video tutorial is an interesting one. I look at how you can use @Hopscotch's AppFormative platform to trigger a notification in-game that all your players will see to tell them that an app update is available. Encourage users to update and make sure they know when an update is available!

AppFormative is an extension to GameSalad's functionality that uses the networking behaviours to add great features like triggers, in-game messages, statistics and analytics (all free), cross platform leaderboards (paid) and lots more!

I specifically used a game I have nearly ready to do this tutorial, so you can see how easy it is to add this kind of functionality to your app. I focused on hooking in to AppFormative to trigger the message rather than the actual logic to display the message, but hopefully you'll have no problem adding this functionality to your own games!

Please note I was not paid to make this and did so because I believe @Hopscotch has given us some amazing functionality here and that more people need to know about it!


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